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Malen mit Maschinen 2023

Painting with machines – Exhibition & Vernissage – „Malen mit Maschinen“ – Four artists from Tübingen exhibit in the Kulturhalle.

From January 20 to February 18, 2023, Joachim Wedekind & the Shining (Timo Dufner, Mathias Schlenker, Jens Schindel) will present paintings and installations that address the role of digital media in the artistic process. All interested parties are cordially invited to the exhibition opening on

Thursday, January 19, 2023, 7 pm, in the Kulturhalle, Nonnengasse 19.

Dagmar Waizenegger, Head of the Department of Art and Culture, will welcome you. Prof. Stephan Schwan, head of the Realistic Representations Working Group at the Tübingen Institute for Knowledge Media, will introduce the exhibition.

The exhibits in this exhibition are based on algorithms and their implementation and representation is tied to technical devices. On this basis, they (almost all) foresee a participation of the recipients in the creation and output of the media elements. There are differences in active or passive participation. The exhibition „Painting with Machines“ thus aims to stimulate reflection on the role of technical tools as well as recipients in the process of creating artistic artifacts.

The collective „das Shining“ is a group of interdisciplinary media and computer experts who studied media informatics together in Tübingen before expanding their expertise in other academic fields. Joachim Wedekind was an instructional technologist and media didactic. As a latecomer and lateral entrant, he now explores – with close reference to early computer art – the role of painting machines.

Event information (German):

Joachim Wedekind & das Shining (Timo Dufner, Mathias Schlenker, Jens Schindel): Malen mit Maschinen
20. Januar bis zum 18. Februar 2023
Mittwoch bis Freitag 16 bis 19 Uhr, Samstag 11 bis 15 Uhr
Weitere Veranstaltung: Donnerstag, den 02.02.2023, 18 Uhr: Livedemo „Malen mit dem Roboter“
Kulturhalle Tübingen, Nonnengasse 19
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